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Walkable Edmonton is a belief that we can live a better life by slowing down, putting one foot in front of the other, and enjoying our beautiful city one step at a time.


People are embracing walkable lives in Edmonton.

From an immigrant's perspective, many people think that having a car is a sign of economic prosperity. Once you've settled in Canada, get the descent job, the next step you have to strive for is to get a car—because taking the transit system is part of a negative experience adjusting to Canada. Convincing people that walkability is a good thing to integrate into your life, having a positive experience for people arriving to Canada is really important.

I immigrated here 11 years ago. I take transit most of the time, for coming to work. I live in Rio Terrace, a mature neighbourhood. Purchasing our house, being close to transit was a very big consideration. I hop on the Number 4, go to the LRT station and come over here and get off at Central Station. That's my daily commute.

Being able to walk to a lot of places to get some of your errands done is super important.
There's a Filipino convenience store just a 15-minute walk away, so if I'm craving for certain snacks, it's really easy to go to.


Coming from Montreal, I was so used to being so close to everything.

I found the Pogo Car Share website, downloaded the zone, I found where all the LRT stations were and wrote them on that piece of paper. Then started by rent search based on that.

That was how I wanted to live—in a place where I could have access to public transit, car share. They just made a bike path on my street here, so I bike as often as I can. I walk to yoga, the grocery store, to the pharmacy. Everything is here.

Even if it's just a drop in the bucket— considering all the F-150s that you see driving around—I want to be able to live that way.

I wasn't sure it was going to be possible in Edmonton, to be honest, but it is.

It's not only possible, it's happening.

KIM – Queen Alexandra


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