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Zine Machine

A vending machine stocked with locally made printed matter

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Locally crafted zines, comics and art books fill up an old snack vending machine.

It sits in the Garneau Transcend Coffee shop.

For just $1.50 you can buy a copy of the printed matter.

There are all kinds of topics covered and artistic styles explored. To purchase a zine, just deposit your coins and retrieve the zines like you would from a pop or candy vending machine.

The Zine Machine is run by the 780 distro.

It's been around since 2014. The project has since expanded to include running workshops and hosting zine fairs.

Have questions about the Zine Machine, get in touch with 780 distro via 780distro@gmail.com, Instagram + Twitter

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Have a zine you'd like to submit? Here are the guidelines:

• no larger than 4.25" x 5.5"

• 10 copies to start

• zine makers are paid $1 per copy

• no racist / sexist / transphobic / homophobic or otherwise oppressive content

Written By Sarah Hoyles

Sarah is a highly motivated, organized and creative writer, communicator and journalist. She is experienced in creating content that thrives in traditional and new media settings. Sarah is curious about the world and wants to share what she learns in an accessible, timely, informative and entertaining manner.

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