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The official flower of the province of Alberta

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Wild Rose is a shrub with bright pink, fragrant flowers about the size of a twoonie.

The native plant can be found all over Edmonton, in parks, gardens and even back alleys. It likes moist soils and lots of sun.

You'll see them blooming in June or early July.

Around this time its pollen is enjoyed by insects, including bees.

Once the flower withers, it turns into a small oval-shaped seed pod known as a rose hip. Throughout the winter months, the rose hips are eaten by waxwings, rabbits, coyotes and skunks.

The rose hips, leaves and flowers can also be used to make tea.

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It was adopted as Alberta's official flower back in 1930.

That's after a local newspaper editor suggested that the province needed a floral emblem. Then The Women's Institutes took up the cause, passed it on to the Department of Education. The province’s schoolchildren had the final say and chose the wild rose.

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