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Walkable Nature | White-tail Jackrabbit

Critters known for their big ears and feet

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The white-tail jackrabbit is a type of hare, found in Edmonton every season.

You'll recognize them by their big ears, substantial feet and rather large body.

Those big ears are used to listen for danger. Plus in the summer, those ears are great at releasing excess body heat and tolerating high temperatures. During the warmer months, the hares' summer coat is grayish brown, with lighter fur on their tummies.

As the weather gets colder, hares' colouring gets lighter. They turn white in winter.

In summer, they eat a diet of grasses.

Hares are known to enjoy as much as one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of vegetation in a single day.

Once winter hits, they keep their energy up with twigs, buds and bark of shrubs and trees.

These rabbits normally live 12-15 months - usually producing approximately three litters of up to six little ones.