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A feisty rodent resident of the city

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The little critter is a full-time Edmonton resident

They don't bother hibernating.

Instead, the little rodent prefers to remain active throughout the winter months. They announce their presence with chattering sounds (especially if you're getting a little too close to their territory).

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The red squirrel (aka Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) gets its name from its reddish coloured fur but they've also got a white underbelly, rings around their eyes and mouth.

Their BIG front teeth never, ever stop growing.

They savour seeds, flowers, berries, eggs, mice, small birds and insects — making them omnivorous.

They live alone.

Each little creature builds a den in tree cavities or logs.

Although humans are moving into their habitat, red squirrels are very opportunistic. They continue to adapt to their surroundings and will dine at a bird feeder, if the opportunity presents itself.

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