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Helpful and harmless to humans

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They go by ladybug as well as lady beetle and ladybird beetle.

The ladybugs around Edmonton are known for their shiny, red-and-black oval, dome-shaped bodies with six tiny legs (5000 different species of this lil creature exist around the world). Their heads are black with white dots on each side.

Their colouring isn't just about looking good!

Their markings are a big warning sign (that they taste really bad) telling potential predators to EAT SOMEONE ELSE!

Plus when coming under threat, the little bugs let out an oily, gross-tasting liquid from their legs (they may also play dead). The main predators for ladybugs are birds.

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The teenie bug is harmless to humans but NOT to aphids and other plant-eating pests. They aren't native to the Edmonton-area, they were brought from Europe in the mid-1900s to manage aphid populations.

A single ladybug can eat 5000 insects in its lifetime!

Ladybugs are very adaptable and can call many places home:
• grasslands
• forests
• cities
• riverbanks

When the weather is cooler, they find a warm place to hibernate. Thousands of ladybugs will gather together to rest for the winter months.