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The tiny but mighty plant pollinators

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These are the mightiest of pollinators.

Although birds, bats and butterflies do some of the work too.

The beneficial black and yellow six-legged insect spends its days transferring pollen between flowers' male and female parts. They do this while gathering pollen and nectar to bring back and feed the larvae and other family members.

Their two wings beat 130+ times per second which vibrates flowers until they release pollen.

It's called buzz pollination.

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They're very social creatures living in big family known as a colony.

This group of fuzzy bugs can be made up of as many as 500 individuals.

If disturbed, bumblebees will buzz really loudly. If you bother their nest, they'll defend it aggressively. They've been know to chase nest invaders for long distances.

They can sting more than once, unlike Honey Bees.

Written By Sarah Hoyles

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