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Walkable History | Flatiron Building

A large wedge-shaped four-storey brick building known as The Gibson Block

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The iconic building has been sitting along Jasper Avenue since World War One.

The four lot site was developed in the early 1900s by local realtor (and its namesake), William Gibson.

The architect on the job, Arthur W. Cowley, made sure to take full advantage of the oddly-shaped plot of land. It was designed with Chicago-style architecture in mind.

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It opened in 1913.

The triangular brick structure featured shops on the first floor and offices on the three higher levels.

The basement was home to the Turkish Baths. Like a present-day health club, the business had a steam room, a few shower baths, six large baths plus an in-house barbershop and cigar stand along with shoe shining services.

Over time, the offices were changed over into apartments and the baths eventually closed in 1978.

The years weren't good to the flatiron and its condition deteriorated.

Then in 1994, the Edmonton City Centre Church Corporation (E4C) refurbished the historical place.

It's now home to the Women’s Emergency Accommodation Centre.

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