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5 Ways to Learn about Local Heritage

There's lots of history here

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There's heaps of heritage in this region.

Here are five easy ways to access elements of the treasure trove:

1.) Rosbif on Instagram

"Historic building enthusiast" Dan Rose posts beautiful pictures and stories about Edmonton's past on Instagram.

2.) Edmonton City As Museum

An initiative of the Edmonton Heritage Council detailing local history through written stories, maps and a couple of podcasts, the Let's Find Out podcast and the ECAMP podcast.

3.) Hunting for Ghost Signs

An online archive documenting some of the hand-painted messages that once advertised stores and services in the city. It's created and maintained by city resident, Luba Romanko as a passion project.

4.) Peel's Prairie Provinces

A website containing 7500+ digitized books, more than 66,000 newspaper issues (that's 4.8 million articles!), 16,000 postcards and 1000 maps. It's housed at the University of Alberta and can be visited in-person too.

5.) Historic Edmonton and Northern Alberta on Facebook

A Facebook group whose members share pictures, stories, events and articles about Alberta's capital city.

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