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Walk to donuts

Our favourite donuts and where to get them in Walkable Edmonton.

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Get Apollo Donuts at:

• Transcend Coffee Garneau (8708 109 St)

• Transcend Coffee Ritchie Market (9570 76 Ave)

• The Colombian (10340 134 St)

• LOVEPIZZA (10196 109 St)

• Yelo'd (10152A 82 Ave)

Normal2x ayco

Get Ay.co Bakehouse Donuts at:

• ACE Coffee (10055 80 Ave)

• LEVA (11053 86 Ave)

Normal2x dest doughnuts

Get Destination Donuts at:

• Destination Doughnuts (10548 124 St)

Normal2x doughnut party

Get Doughnut Party donuts at:

• Doughnut Party (10938 119 St)

Normal2x ohana donuterie

Get Ohana Donuts at:

• Ohana Donuterie (10347 80 Ave)


Farrow in Garneau
Farrow in Ritchie

Both have great vegan donut options now too!

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