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Made in Edmonton | The House of Sew

Local designer teaches sewing

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A place to learn how to sew, access the necessary tools and get helpful mentorship

The creative studio and classroom, The House of Sew, is run by designer, pattern cutter and seamstress, Beverly Gan.

She set up the workshop space in downtown Edmonton after close to 10 years across the pond. While in the UK, she studied fashion design at Istituto Marangoni, graduating in 2010. She then started her very own label while taking freelance contracts including tailoring at Ralph Lauren.

But being in London made Beverly feel overwhelmed and unable to balance her life. She explains on her website, "the cut-throat environment provided me the necessary skills to perform under immense pressure and to create beyond my limits. But I want to sustain and have some form of stability."

So she moved back to where she was born and raised to start The House of Sew.

She continues to design her line but also contributes to the community by offering space for the public to learn the craft of sewing and meet like-minded people.

The House of Sew offers:

•Sewing 101

•Dressmaking 101

•Mini Workshops

•Private Lessons


•Studio Space Rentals

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