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Sharing a Coffee (& Love)

A cafe giving customers a chance to a buy coffee for someone who can't afford it

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The downtown coffee shop, Nook Café, is giving customers a chance to share a little love with others. It's through the simple act of buying a $3 coffee and snack for someone else.

It's called the suspended coffee program.

Patrons pay $3 and get a button to place in a jar on the cafe counter. It can be redeemed by anyone who can’t afford to buy a drink or food.

It gives people a chance to share what they have. It does it in a way that honours the dignity of everyone involved.

Written By Sarah Hoyles

Sarah is a highly motivated, organized and creative writer, communicator and journalist. She is experienced in creating content that thrives in traditional and new media settings. Sarah is curious about the world and wants to share what she learns in an accessible, timely, informative and entertaining manner.

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