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Secondhand Finds

Preloved furniture, clothing and household items accessible in the core of the city

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Antique Treasure House (Garneau)

Get lost in this quirky curio shop with vintage furniture, kitchen ware, clothing and endless odds n' sods.

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Consign Design (Oliver)

A used furniture shop lovingly curated with distinctive decor and furnishings from eras passed.

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Find. (Oliver)

A Jasper Avenue boutique filled with low-cost, high-quality preloved furniture and household items. All shop proceeds go towards homelessness programs run by Edmonton-based non-profit, Homeward Trust.

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Peacock Boutique Thrift Shop (Downtown)

A thrift shop with pre-loved clothing, household goods and toys along with new and second-hand furniture. Run by the Edmonton Emergency Relief Services.

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Goodwill Store & Donation Centre (Old Strathcona)

Customers can purchase preloved clothing, household items and toys at this thrift store, while supporting Albertans with disabilities. The centre is home to a second-hand shop with a stage for performances and information sessions as well as job training facilities.

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