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Bella & Brodie | Recovery Animals

Two pets providing comfort during early stages of addiction recovery

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A cat and dog are permanent residents at Jellinek House.

The downtown 17-bed residence is for men in the early stages of addiction recovery as they transition from treatment centres to independent living. The non-profit has been providing a safe place for men in recovery for more than 60 years.

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Bella is the cat in the house.

She's the most senior pet on site where she loves keeping people company. She will quietly snooze in the chair next to you. She is a very calm cat.

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Brodie is the resident dog.

He's a Brussels Griffin who was rescued from an abusive home. The little pup was very skittish when he first arrived at Jelliek House but has since settled in and provides love, companionship and play for all. The residents share in the responsibilities of caring for him with walks, feeding and playtime.

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