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Public Bike Repair Stations

A bike rack, a tire pump & a tool stand

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Four bike repair stations in Edmonton

It started with just one. In the summer of 2013, an Ontario-based craft beer sales rep for Steam Whistle (who's also a major bike enthusiast) pitched the idea of installing an Urban Racks bike repair station in front of the company. The brewery's Environmental Committee jumped on the concept and found some money in the budget to get one.

It led to a cross-country initiative to set-up and maintain 30 bike repair stations, including four in Edmonton:

Kelly's Pub

Next Act

Sherlock Holmes Campus*

Duggan's Boundary*

*Tools are locked up when the business is closed

Each station has a bike rack to place the bike on during repairs, plus a tire pump and a tool stand with various helpful screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench and more.

Encouraging people-powered transportation made sense for the company. On their website they explain,

"there seems a natural affinity between the cycling community and craft beer. People who ride bikes are concerned about a healthy lifestyle, about minimizing their ecological footprint and are often very community-focused people."

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