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A little espresso bar on wheels

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🚛 Beep! Beep! 🚛 ☕Sip! Sip!☕

A little truck equipped with an espresso bar is bringing new meaning to a "coffee to go" in Edmonton.

The mobile coffee shop is called Lui-Chi’s Espresso and Fine Treats.

It's named after Luigi, a chihuahua. The little doggo belongs to the human behind the wheel and pulling the espresso shots — Shawn Kaminski, a local musician.

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You can find Lui-Chi’s around town.

One of its frequent stops is the T-intersection at the centre of Rice Howard Way.

Once parked, Shawn serves up organic coffee made from organic wood-roasted, whiskey barrel-aged beans as well as a small sampling of pastries.

It's all powered by a generator tucked into a dog house on the trailer pulled by the espresso truck.

Written By Sarah Hoyles

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