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Marley | Shop Dog & HR Specialist

A super chill pupper who makes everyone feel welcome at Hideout Distro

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The pure-bred mutt, Marley, helps staff the Hideout Distro, every Tuesday.

The 8-year-old rescue dog, calmly approaches visitors to the shop along 124 Street, which stocks quality, locally-crafted music, apparel, housewares and more.

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The german-shepherd/blue-heeler (+ more) dog was adopted from the Edmonton Humane Society by one of the store's staff members' partners. It was three times the charm for Marley as she'd been adopted and brought back to the shelter two times previously.

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No barks can be heard from Marley in the shop.

She quietly lounges amongst the curated collection of treasures. Marley simply makes sure everyone knows they are warmly welcomed to take their time and explore the store.

Oh... and Marley will definitely indulge you if you want to give her scratches and pets!

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