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Lester | Shop Greeter

The gentle giant welcomes all who visit his pet supply shop

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The eight-year-old dog is the righthand man to the Tail Blazers' shop owner, Clay.

Lester started his greeter job earlier this year when he was adopted by Clay and his family.

Before coming to live with them, the golden-coloured pup had a long-time owner who had passed away unexpectedly. Without any close family or friends, there was no one to take Lester in. He was left in a backyard for a whole week.

That's when one of Clay's friends who lived nearby learned about Lester and jumped into action.

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Clay's family had just recently said goodbye to their two family pets, two mastiffs. After that, they didn't think they would get another dog for a long while.

But when Lester showed up and they were won over.

Lester approaches his job at Tail Blazers with calm, quiet confidence. He is gentle as can be. If you offer to pet him, he'll lean into you for extra effect.

Written By Sarah Hoyles

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