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Walkable Nature | Downy Woodpecker

This tiny woodpecker can be seen in Walkable Edmonton

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It's the smallest woodpecker in North America.

The Downy Woodpecker stands out with its contrasting white and black feathers. Males have one added splash of colour—a bright red patch on the back of their heads.

One of 13 types of woodpeckers in Canada, this year-round resident of Edmonton lives where trees grow. Mature neighbourhoods and city parks full of broad-leaved trees, including poplars, birches and ashes are among their favourites.

With their long, prickly tongue and sticky saliva, the little birds catch insects after they burrow into the bark of a tree. They enjoy feasting on ants, beetles and caterpillars as well as seeds and berries.

Learn more about the Downy Woodpecker via Aubobon

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