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A story (& now a poem) with your coffee

Local writers add some lit to your caffeine jolt

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Get some writing to go with your coffee.

The locally penned lit doesn't go into your cup, like your cream and sugar, but wraps around it.

During Poetry Month (all of April 2018), Edmonton Poetry Festival has partnered with this project to present poems to-go too.

The YEGWORDS are printed on the cardboard sleeves.

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Where to find the coffee sleeves in Walkable Edmonton:


Coffee Bureau


Lock Stock Coffee




Sugared and Spiced

The YEGWORD coffee sleeves are from the local creative mind, Jason Lee Norman.

The Edmonton-based writer is the founder of the writers' collective, Words with Friends. He's also the editor of the two editions of 40 Below: Edmonton's Winter Anthology and most recently, he helped realize the Short Story Dispensary at Edmonton International Airport.

Drink up and read on!

Written By Sarah Hoyles

Sarah is a highly motivated, organized and creative writer, communicator and journalist. She is experienced in creating content that thrives in traditional and new media settings. Sarah is curious about the world and wants to share what she learns in an accessible, timely, informative and entertaining manner.

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