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Cleaning (& Giving a Hand) Up

Goodwill Cleaning Cloths empower Albertans with disabilities

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Empowering others, diverting stuff from the landfill and cleaning your home - all in one!

It's made possible with Goodwill Industries of Alberta's Cleaning Cloths.

These tidy-up fabric swatches are produced as part of the non-profit's Commercial Services division, which is an inclusive place of employment for folks with disabilities.

The cloths are made from items unsuitable for sale - clothing and materials which would otherwise be sent straight to the dump.

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Supplied by Goodwill Industries of Alberta

It's making a difference!

In 2013, Goodwill diverted 3.7 million kilograms of household items out of the landfill and recycled more than 13,000 kilograms of clothing in their post-retail operations.

The Cleaning Cloths come in a single or triple pack.

You can buy them in stores, including their Old Strathcona location.

Proceeds go right back into the organization and its many programs.

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