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Carrots | Clinic Cat

The resident feline at an Old Strathcona vet office

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The orange tabby, Carrots, keeps an eye on his home, the Mill Creek Animal Hospital.

He runs to the front door whenever someone comes in and he never tries to leave.

He chats up a storm from his perch in the big front window when people pass by on the 99 Street sidewalk.

Normal2x carrots mid shot

The seven-year-old domestic short-haired cat was found outside when he was just five-weeks-old. The good samaritan who found him brought the little kitten to the animal hospital for care.

The vet clinic kept him until he was old enough to go to an actual home.

He was adopted out but was brought back because he got aggressive.

He was adopted again, two more times to different homes, but he came back each time for the same reason.

Carrots took up residency at the clinic.

(Turns out that's just what he wanted all along).

He likes to bite still but it is a play bite now. He's a character!

Normal2x carrots closeup
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