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Sharing gear for DIY projects

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The Edmonton Tool Library works just like a library.

Instead of books, you can borrow tools.

The non-profit started in 2016 to make sure there's affordable access to hand, power and garden tools. From ladders, to circular saws, wrenches and extension cords, they've got more than 300 tools to share.

Check out the inventory

It's housed at Bellevue Community Hall (7308 112 Avenue NW).

The hours are 1-5pm on Saturdays.

How it works

1) You become a member:

• complete and sign a membership application form

• complete and sign a liability waiver / indemnification / borrowing policy

• pay $50 annual fee

For $250, community leagues can opt in to give their community members the chance to borrow too.

Participating communities include:

• ​Alberta Avenue

• Central McDougall

• Highlands

• King Edward Park

• Queen Mary Park

• Riverdale

2) You can take out up to 8 tools at once - for a period of a week.

Rental term extensions are possible, just ask!

There are no additional fees for borrowing stuff...well...unless you bring a tool back busted or late.

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