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Best Milkshakes in Walkable Edmonton

Sometimes you just need a thick, ice creamy milkshake to make everything alright

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The classic 1950s diner mixes up milkshakes in the traditional old-fashioned metal malt tumblers - transporting your tastebuds to the days of sock hops and drive-in movies.

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RE:GRUB scoops up generous portions of off-the-wall and almost unimaginable creamy creations including:

∙ The Krusty the Shake

Shake Topped with Cotton Candy

∙ The Psycho Donut

Shake Topped with Donut Tower

∙ The Poopmoji

Shake Topped with a Smiley POOP (of chocolate)!

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Just like the coffee they've come to be known for, Transcend serves up quality ingredients and well-balanced flavours in their milkshakes.

The flavour selection is finely curated to ensure you don't forget you're in a coffee shop, with:

∙ Coffee

∙ London Fog

∙ Chai

∙ Vanilla

∙ Chocolate

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