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20 Minute Walk | Rocks-Eat-Coffee

A short walk in the Mill Creek Ravine between curling, rink-side eats & hot drinks

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*Courtesy of Drift Food Truck

STOP 1 / Drift Food Truck

Enjoy the eats (usually reserved for the summer months only) from Drift Food Truck at the Shamrock Curling Club.

For the first time ever, they have parked the van for the winter but are serving up their delicious food from the curling rink's canteen.

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Check out their food menu!

It's located inside the Shamrock Curling Club at 9330 80 Avenue [Google map]


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*Courtesy of Shamrock Curling Club

STOP 2 / Shamrock Curling Club

Toss some rocks down the ice, have some fun and maybe get a little competitive at the Shamrock Curling Club.

You can join the league, compete in a bonspiel or just give it a go at the Drop-In times for just $10.

Drop-In Curling is available on:

• Sunday, November 12 at 4-5:30pm

• Sunday, November 26 at 4-5:30pm

• Sunday, December 3 at 4-5:30pm

• Sunday, December 10 at 4-5:30pm

Shamrock Curling Club is on the East edge of Mill Creek Ravine (9330 80 Avenue) [Google map]


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STOP 3 / Transcend Coffee

Warm up your hands by wrapping them around a hot, locally roasted coffee at Transcend Coffee in Ritchie Market.

If coffee isn't your thing, they've got hot chocolate, teas and even milkshakes!

It's located along 76 Avenue in the Ritchie community on the West edge of Mill Creek Ravine (9570 76 Avenue) [Google map]

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