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16 Minute Walk | Giving-Eating-Viewing

A quick walk in Garneau offers a way to give, good eats & a movie

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Courtesy of Canadian Blood Services

STOP 1 / Donate Blood

Take 30 minutes and give blood at Canadian Blood Services via the Edmonton Donor Clinic (8249 114 Street).

You can book a time slot to suit your schedule.

Once you show up:

• You'll get signed in (there's a little bit of paperwork during your first visit)

• They test your blood with a pin prick to one of your fingers to make sure you can donate

• A nurse will get you get set-up on a comfy lounger

• They'll talk you through the process

The blood donation itself will take about 10 minutes


The standard donation is around 450 mL (roughly two cups). This is only a small amount of blood in a person’s body.

The average adult has approx. 5 litres

After your donation is done, you get COOKIES while you rest for 10+ minutes


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Recharge after your blood donation with the fresh, flavourful menu at this stylish eatery tucked amongst Garneau houses.

They have a great selection of eats for those with a sweet tooth or folks craving something savoury.

There's snacks, entrees plus brews hot and cold.


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STOP 3 / Metro Cinema at the Garneau Theatre

Take in an arthouse film with the eclectic and ever-changing roster of movies being screened by Metro Cinema.

Check out the movie listings at the historic Garneau Theatre.

Here's the route on Google Maps:

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