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Live a more connected life in Walkable Edmonton.

Walkable Edmonton is a belief that we can live a better life by slowing down, putting one foot in front of the other, and enjoying our beautiful city one step at a time.


People are embracing walkable lives in Edmonton.

I don’t own a car. I don’t even have a drivers’ license.

I live downtown. I’m been downtown for the better part of six years. Six years-ish.

There’s so much to access—literally anything. All the things I value in my day-to-day experience. Walkability for me is to be able to go about and successfully do the things I need to do in a day, using only my own two feet.

You can really build an awesome little community of like-minded people. It’s hard not to walk down the street on any given day and meet someone I know.

DAN – Downtown

We’ve been here two years now.

We started in a condo downtown, in Oliver. Then we moved to South Terwillegar, and spent five years there.

There wasn’t much to walk to around there. There wasn’t even a park close enough to walk to.

We were too used to walking everywhere.

We couldn’t do the suburbs anymore.
It wasn’t for us.

Now, we made it so work, home and daycare are this little five minute triangle.

Salima & Jabir (with their daughter Abby) – Old Strathcona


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