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Walkable Edmonton is a belief that we can live a better life by slowing down, putting one foot in front of the other, and enjoying our beautiful city one step at a time.


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My place is like one block away from the ravine. You go into the ravine, it's like you're completely off downtown.

Where do you get that?!

To me, that's attractive. It's central.

The people who live in Oliver have similar love for the area. Passionate. Very approachable. We love to talk to each other.

I walk here (Timbre CoWork). Sometimes I bike. That gives me time to think and arrange stuff.

It's very difficult to do furniture and design for somebody who's graduated four years with 100 grand in debt - for them to open a shop. I got to know other woodworkers and other kids. I said this is cool, why don’t I open it to everyone, so everyone can come in and do this. This way the risk is lower.

We have to adapt.

Mike – Oliver

We've (Candas and her partner, Timothy) lived in Boyle Street and in this house for 15 years. As a writer, editor and performer, we were living on variable incomes - so we were looking in the affordable areas.

We wanted something where there were trees on the street, a yard we could garden in and a house where we could spread out all of our artistic activities. Where could we live how we wanted to live and afford it and be able to walk downtown, walk to the Italian Centre, Chinatown, walk to the river valley.

Where else can you do that?!

This is an ultimately walkable neighbourhood. I'm not a big person, I'm not a skilled martial artist and I'm getting on in age, but I can walk everywhere in this neighbourhood at any time of day or night.

The reputation of this community is not only inaccurate, it's kind of annoying. There's nothing but richness to be found by having such a lot of different people.

People are missing out.

CANDAS (with pup, Bouffon) - Boyle Street


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